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We support the ‘Valencia Global Growth Program’ because its philosophy coincides with some of the main challenges set by this Regional Ministry: a clear commitment to entrepreneurship, the creation of innovative companies and the generation of qualified employment.
-Máximo Buch Torralva, Regional Minister for Economy, Industry, Trade and Employment,
Valencia, Spain


The Business Mentoring Program was the most practical training I have ever received and presented in a very friendly way. Ken and Laura were fantastic, passionate, extremely knowledgeable and motivating. It was clear from the beginning that both of them are very well experienced in field and speak from real life experiences rather than theory. I definitely feel I have gained a lot from the course, I really enjoyed the structure and the information and the small group made it so much better. I feel inspired. I feel confident. Thank you!
-Carmen Mihalcea, Publisher Women & Entertainment Magazine Division, SC Publimedia International SA, Bucharest, Romania
(International publishing company)


On behalf of team, thank you both Ken and Laura for your effort and for the helpoffered in order to position our business towards a clear and organized direction, for us to be able to extend it to an international level. Thank you also for offering, by your presence, a role model and a passion worth following, dedication towards business, motivations which we consider vital in any business and without which the business that we are managing cannot advance and expand towards other markets around the world. Laura, Ken, thank you very much and we look forward to meeting you at the next session of Program.
-Calin Stefanescu, Managing Director,, Târgu Mures, Romania
(Leading recruitment services with 400 agencies)


Ken Morse is the most results oriented entrepreneur, I have ever met. Not only does he tell you “what to do”, but also explains in a clear manner “why”, “how”, “where”, and “when” to do it right and to achieve your ambitious objectives. He provides all the critical strategies needed to turn your company into a global success story. Ken provides his messages consistently with such wisdom and a wonderful sense of humor that you never miss or will forget any of his messages. In “Growth Financing for Ambitious Entrepreneurs” – in addition to Ken’s inspirational style – you will also certainly benefit from Laura’s effective advices for designing your management team and Boards of Advisors and Directors. She is an expert in human capital and recruiting top-notch people. Graham O’Keeffe provides the fundamentals of entrepreneurial finance in a compact manner and impressed us with his clear and hands on investment pitch examples. I feel lucky to have attended all of the workshops in the program led by Ken Morse, and I would like to thank the Sponsors who helped make these courses possible.
-Özgür Zan, Ph. D, Managing Director, DONE, Istanbul, Turkey
(Mobile applications & services provider)


I highly recommend the workshop on Global Sales Strategies, the first in the program series to anyone interested in improving their effectiveness and success rate in the sales cycle. The material was excellent; the presentations compelling. Ken and Laura are not only experienced business professionals, they are also excellent teachers, focusing on the right material at the right level. Both give life to the challenges and needs, the contemporary sales person and the sales team are facing. I also appreciated the quantitative view on the sales process and, especially, on the need to quantify the value proposition. Great learning experience!
-Michael Motta, Director Product Engineering, P. I. Works, Kocaeli, Turkey
(Provider of network optimization products used by voice or data wireless operators to increase the capacity and decrease the operating and capital expenditures.)


This program was an excellent and effective vehicle for changing the clock speed of collaboration among our senior management team. It was instrumental in building the awareness that together we can be a potent force in our drive towards service excellence and market share.
– Kokab Mirza, CEO Automotive Division, Abdullatif Alissa Group, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
(The first and largest automotive company in SA.)


Having spent almost 35 years working in High Tech and interacting with the investment community, I felt- and feel- that this was the most impactful program of this type that I have ever attended. I immediately changed a few items in our own company’s strategy following the training, with quite positive results. I would clearly recommend this seminar to anyone in business, not matter if they are in high technology or not.
– Gary S. Moskovitz, President and COO, Gary S. Moskovitz, President and COO, Multiquip Inc., Carson, CA
(diverse manufacturer and supplier of world class quality industrial products and solutions)


The workshops were immaculately prepared. I found them highly informative and focused and enjoyed the lively, relaxed atmosphere created by Ken Morse’s dynamic but easy manner. Ken shared tips concerning strategy, the day to day running of a business, technology, statistics, general know-how and other interesting tit-bits with us. “Perfect group size. Nice balance between structure and improvisation. Practical focus, examples, etc. Very useful. Had a great time!
-Rabia Ahmed, CEO and Director Business Development, VoiZar, Mississauga, ON, Canada
(Provider of international VoIP connectivity to middle-tier telecom companies on a worldwide basis)


I would say this programme is a must for every ambitious entrepreneur wanting to grow globally. The workshops in the programme really made me think about the way forward for my business and Ken’s wisdoms are still going through my head… Thanks Ken and Laura for the inspiring and highly motivational lessons you taught me.
– Rene Looper, Director,, Inverness, Scotland/UK
(Development of Communication, Excellence and IT skills in the Tourism sector)


Excellent, thought-provoking, and insightful content. An incredibly passionate, knowledgeable and indeed inspiring entrepreneur and educator. Ken delivered what I classify as one of the best courses I have ever attended. I have started to apply some of the learning on my first day back at the office, and I was astounded when I observed a series of people-driven events unfolding exactly how Ken told us during the course! THANK YOU!
– Marco Busi, CEO and Head of Research, carisma rct Ltd, Dingwall, Scotland/UK
(Strategy & management research and consultancy)


The Global Sales Strategies for Ambitions Scottish Entrepreneurs” workshop was the most fabulous course for international commercialisation I have ever attended since we commercialised our business with parallel grants and support from Scottish Enterprise and Innovation Norway. It is also the most engaging and inspiring, and so well organised.
– Hans Myrhaug; Director, AmbieSense Ltd, Aberdeen, Scotland
(Provider of solutions and services for mobile information systems)


The Program was very timely, focused and of great value for all of us at Traceall, as we develop our international sales strategy. A ‘must attend’ for all high growth technology-based companies looking to scale globally.
– Scot McRae, Commercial Director, Traceall Ltd, Glagow (UK)
(Leader in the field of tracking and tracing valuable products)